Garage Resin Floors

Our floors are installed using decorative colour granules in a clear resin binder on top of an existing concrete floor. They combine high performance with an attractive finish and rapid installation times mean you can walk on them the same day.



As the depth of a Resin Floor is only 4mm we recommend the floor be as even as possible before the resin is laid. We can help with creating a more even surface so please do let us know when making your enquiry.

Our Resin Floors give you the highest quality finish available on the market culminating with a seamless finish that looks first class. Our commercial-grade coating uses Methacylate Resin which is the hardest wearing of all rather than Epoxy Resin or paint as our experience suggests they soon peel or chip. And with our ten year warranty, you can be reassured that your Resin Floor will look good for years to come.

Quick Information


  • It takes only one day to install an area of up to 55 square metres
  • Rapid installation times and the fact that they dry so quickly means floors can be walked on an hour after completion
  • We offer a ten year product warranty on all Resin Floors
  • Resin Floors provide a seamless and clean finish which won’t yellow or fade
  • Very easy to clean


Technical Specifications


  • The depth once laid is 4mm


How to get a Resin Floor in your garage

Our Resin Floors can only be installed by an expert so are not available for DIY installation. To get a quote for your garage please call us on 01491 636080 or email us at


Colours and Finishes

All of our available colours are shown below, to get a free sample of your preferred colour please contact us and we will arrange to send one out to you.

Garageflex Resin Floor colours Nov 16


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